Monthly, Peer-reviewed, Open access, Interdisciplinary and International journal
Human Behaviour and Brain (Print ISSN: 2706-8714, Online ISSN: 2708-2229) is a monthly, peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary and international journal that aims to advance the understanding of human brain and behaviour at all levels, including but not limited to the behavioural, cognitive, large-scale system, neural circuitry, cellular and molecular levels.

The journal publishes original empirical articles of novel and important findings and in-depth reviews. It strives to help scientists to publish, rapidly and professionally, their scientific studies on normal and impaired/diseased human functions, with a focus on the neural mechanisms underlying human behaviour.

Studies with neurophysiological, neuroanatomical, neurochemical or neuropharmacological analysis of brain-behaviour relations and with molecular genetic and behavioral genetic approaches are all encouraged.

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The official journal of ISON

Human Behaviour and Brain is the official journal of ISON - the International Society of Neuroscience. It is published by the International Society of Neuroscience Publishing Company Ltd.

ISON is a nonprofit and international organization newly established at 2017, which dedicated to advancing the understanding of the structure and the function of the brain. The Society is based in Hong Kong, aiming to link Asia and the rest of the world, serving as a platform for the exchange of important research findings and ideas.

Please visit the society website for more information.